A postdoctoral position is currently available at Aura Carreira’s group at Centro de Biología Molecular «Severo Ochoa»:


Principal investigator: Aura Carreira

Scientific program: Genome Dynamics and Function

Job offer: Postdoc

Project description:

Our lab interrogates the mechanisms of the cell to preserve genome integrity with a particular focus on breast cancer variants altering the tumor suppressor and DNA repair gene BRCA2. Using this model, we also hope to uncover drivers of tumor formation. We combine molecular, biochemical and cell biology techniques together with cutting- edge «omics» approaches. This project focuses on the genome maintenance functions of BRCA2 and its partners specifically at replication forks. We will also investigate breast cancer variants altering the replicative activities of BRCA2 and their impact on survival.


2-year funded position AEI (PID2020-115977RB-I00)

Requirements, experience and academic qualifications:

We are seeking an enthusiastic, and highly motivated candidate with a Ph.D. in Biology, Biomedical Sciences or equivalent. Hands-on experience in cell biology, fluorescence microscopy and/or biochemistry are required. Knowledge on genome instability mechanisms is desired. We offer the opportunity for professional growth working in a dynamic and collegial international Program. To apply please send your CV, cover letter, and names of two refs to the contact below.

Contact: acarreira@cbm.csic.es

Deadline: March 1st, 2022

Other information: https://bit.ly/Carreira-Lab