Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Cancer Biology

Cancer metastasis LAB @ CIB – CSIC Madrid (Spain)

About the position
Applications are invited for a 2-year postdoctoral research period, likely extensible to 3-years, within the “Mechanisms of cancer metastasis” group lead by Ignacio Casal. Our lab is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer invasion and metastasis in colorectal and other tumors (involving cell adhesion, differentiation, inflammation and crosstalk with the microenvironment). In the past, we have contributed to understanding metastatic colonization by identifying a role for RGD cadherins (Bartolomé et al, Oncogene 2014, Bartolomé et al, JBC 2014, Bartolome et al, Clin Cancer Res 2018)), IL13Rα2 receptor (Barderas et al, Cancer Res 2012; Bartolome et al, Cancer Res 2015; Bartolomé et al, Br. J. Cancer 2018) and interaction with the tumor microenvironment (Torres et al, Clin Cancer Res 2015; Torres et al. Clin Cancer Res 2017)). The post-holder will work with a multidisciplinary team exploring how metastatic cells colonize the distant organs, communicate with each other and change their respective phenotypes via soluble factors and metabolites. Part of the project will involve determining the metastatic capacity of 3D organoids recovered from human patients to explore key determinants of invasion and metastasis through a multi-omic approach based on RNA-seq, proteomics and metabolomics. Target validation will be carried out in different animal models.


About the candidates
Candidates should have a PhD in a relevant discipline (cell biology or cancer research preferably). A strong background in cellular and molecular biology is fundamental. The ideal candidate should be highly motivated with a strong interest in understanding and pursuing scientific questions. They should be able to work independently while interacting with other lab members. Experience working on cancer cell biology, 2D-3D cultures, adhesion, invasion, animal models and/or data analyses is desirable. Candidates with knowledge on RNA-seq, proteomics and metabolomics analysis will also be highly considered. About the Institute The Center for Biological Research (CIB) is one of the most prestigious and historical research centers of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Currently, the CIB Margarita Salas is organized in four departments, in which researchers study the structure and organization of living matter and its processes, seek to understand the bases of disease and discover experimental treatments and develop biotechnological processes to enable sustainable growth and facilitate agricultural production. We combine the generation of new knowledge with the development of applications that can help solve current and future challenges facing society.


Informal enquiries should be addressed to Ignacio Casal at

The closing date for applications is 15 February 2023. Selected candidates will need to register at the CSIC “Bolsa de Trabajo”.