Principal investigator: Ana Ortega Molina  

Scientific program: Interactions with the environment/Immune system development and function Department   

Job offer: Titulado superior   


Project title: Estudio de la patología del Linfoma Folicular y DLBCL y posibles aproximaciones terapéuticas    


Project description:        

My lab in the Department of Immune System development and Function at CBMSO is seeking highly motivated and talented candidates for a fully funded “Titulado Superior” position starting May 2022.


Duration: 1 year with possible extension


Requirements, experience and academic qualifications:

Candidates should hold a Degree and Master in Biomedical or Biochemical disciplines (Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, etc.). Experience Required: Mammalian cell culture; basic molecular biology techniques (PCR and molecular cloning, protein analyses, Crispr-Cas9 screens); next-gen sequencing (library preparation and basic analyses); and flow cytometry, including sample preparation and analyses, work with mice (Animal Experimentation functions B and C will be required). Bioinformatic tools.




Deadline: 20/03/2022 


Other information: 

Candidates should email an application form to Dr. Ortega-Molina containing CV and a short cover letter describing your expertise and research interest.


Job offer