Purpose of the meeting

In particular, this meeting offers an excellent opportunity for senior post-doctoral fellows or young faculty to get to know Conexión Cáncer members and explore the possibilities to join CSIC.



Scientists who wish to give a talk should fill the application form.

We are currently collecting expressions of interest from researchers interested in participating in upcoming editions. The date of the next meeting will be determined based on the received applications. 

About CSIC

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is the largest public research institution in Spain and one of the most renowned institutions in the European Research Area (ERA). It conducts scientific research across various fields, including biology, physics, chemistry, and engineering, among others. The CSIC aims to promote scientific progress and social and economic development by generating, studying, and disseminating knowledge. It collaborates with universities, research centers, and industries both nationally and internationally.

The CSIC currently has 120 research institutes distributed throughout the national territory. Of these 120 institutes, 51 are joint centres with other institutions, primarily universities.